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pure liquid flower

Our unique oil provides the end user with a 100% accurate terpene profile so your desired effect is extremely predictable(it’s the same as the flower!), and the flavor is exactly what the plant intended.  We care deeply about your experience with cannabis, and have developed a way to deliver the exact same effect as your favorite flower, but with the convenience of a cartridge and it is our pleasure to share that with you.


Blueberry Muffin                              (Indica – Dom)             THC 84.50% | CBD >LOQ

CBD Citrus                                       (CBD-Dom)                  THC 40.70% | CBD 39.20%

Citrus Cooler                                   (Sativa-Dom)                THC 82.90%| CBD> LOQ

Dog Walker Og                                (Hybrid)                         THC 84.00% | CBD > LOQ

Green Hindu Kush                          (Indica-Dom)                 THC 86.00% | CBD 1.31%

Og Kush                                           (Hybrid)                         THC 85.70% | CBD>LOQ

Now N Laterz                                   (Indica-Dom)                 THC 80.10% | CBD 1.84%

Pink Starburzt                                  (Hybrid)                         THC 83.90% | CBD> LOQ

Purple Wildfire                                 ( Sativa-Dom)               THC 84.60% | CBD 1.38%

Royal Kush                                      (CBD-Dom)                   THC 26.00% | CBD 51.30%

Venom Og                                        (Indica-Dom)                 THC78. 60% |CBD 6.32%




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