Mana Extract Dabs

Mana Extract Dabs


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Mana Extracts has a mantra; never produce anything if it isn't going to be the best. This mindset applies to every aspect of our business. We hand select the best possible plants to harvest, constantly and meticulously perfect lab processes, discover new ways to increase product quality, and are pioneering a new generation of concentrate products that will be the new gold standard of the industry. If it has our name on it, you know you're getting the best.

Jack Herer- THC 69.3% | Terps. 7.9% 

Sunny D Sugar Wax- THC 70.32%| Terps. 7.20% 

Wedding Cake- THC 68.30%| Terps 8.30% 

Lucid Sundae Driver- THC 67.8% | Terps. 9.3% 

Lucid Biscotti- THC 68.2% | Terps. 9.6% 

Lucid Smac N Cheese- THC 72.41% | Terps. 4.49% 

Lucid Monster Cookies- THC 70.31% | Terps. 8.5% 

Blue Hindu Kush- THC 66.7% | Terps. 11.6% 

Apricot Mac- THC 75.4% | Terps 6.5% 

Orange Cookie Clementine- THC 62.9% | Terps. 8.9% 

Grandaddy Purp- THC 63.9% | Terps. 9.2% 

Dosidos- THC 66.8% | Terps. 10.6%  


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Concentrate Apricot MAC, Blue Dream, Blue Hindu Kush, Bubba Kush, Dosidos, Golden Breath x Jungle Mac, Grandaddy Purp, HazMat OG, Jack Herer, Jungle Berry, Lucid Allen Wrench, Lucid Biscotti, Lucid Citrus Kush, Lucid Crescendo, Lucid Jack & Cheese, Lucid Mac N Cheese, Lucid Macadamia, Lucid Marlon Rando, Lucid Monster Cookies, Lucid ODB, Lucid Roasted Garlic, Lucid Sundae Driver, Lucid Sweet Skunk, Orange Cookie Clementine, Papaya Guava Ice Cream, Rainbow Dog, Sunny D, Wedding Cake


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