Moods: Everything You Need To Know


Perfect for going out and kicking ass in everything that you do. 


For that amazing anniversary coming up or that perfect one on one time.


Perfect for that intimate get together or when you hit the town to make a mistake or two, because who hasn’t.


Our bodies need good rest so these products ensure you get that perfect snooze fest. 


For those pent up moments when you just need time to get that ReLeaf *wink* *wink* you need. 


Whenever you need that extra focus to knock out that presentation due tomorrow, because we’ve all been there. 


Big shout out to all our creative minds! This is perfect for that artistic block to get those creative juices flowing.


We all need that perfect space to just chill. Throw on some smooth jazz and take this for an evening off. 

The Terpene Breakdown

Top 5 Terpenes in RH products

  • Limonene – Helps with anxiety. Digestion (weight loss), detoxification
  • Myrcene – Helps to relax, calm and sedate
  • Pinene – An anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Also helps with depression.
  • Linalool – This kills pain; also useful for depression, insomnia, and seizures. 
  • Humulene – An appetite suppressant at well as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

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