Bobsled Dabs

Bobsled Dabs


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Premium dabs.  

Are you ready for the next level? 

Our most effective product in our highest concentration formulation. Designed for a true connoisseur, Bobsled's dabs offer less tar, less smoke and the cleanest taste. 

Available in sugar sauce, live resin and diamond forms.

S@moa’s- THC 86.84%| Terps. 11.67% 

GG #4- THC 69.68% | Terps. 14.80% 

Supreme Ruckus- THC 67.02% | Terps. 9.63%  

Blueberry Muffin- THC 65.71% | Terps. 18.32% 

Durbon Poison- THC 76.51% | 6.43% Terps. 

Runtz- THC 64.90% | 9.98% Terps. 

Donny Burger- THC 76.23% | 7.50% Terps. 

Kush Mintz- THC 77.02%| Terps. 7.86% 

Lemon OG- THC 57.06% | 11.67% Terps. 

Lava Cake- THC 66.72% | 7.69% Terps 

Gushers- THC 70.32% | 11.39% Terps. 

Forbidden Fruit- THC 80.71%| Terps. 9.36% 

Black Mamba- THC 80.76% | Terps. 5.58%



purple text = Indica green text = hybrid red text = Sativa

Additional information

Concentrate 0478-47 Mac1, 0478-48 Strawberry Cough (1g) Diamonds, AC/DC -Cured Resin, Alien ET diamonds, Animal Cookies, Black Cherry Punch, Black Mamba cured resin, Blackberry Dream, Blood Orange, Blue Cheese -Cured Resin, Blue City Diesel, Blue Clown Shoes, Blue Dream, Blue Lime Pie, Blue Magoo, Blueberry, Blueberry Cookies, Blueberry Muffin live resin, Cherry Kush, Chocoloco, Cotton Candy Kush, Crater Kush, Critical Jack, Cured Resin, Donny Burger live resin, Dosidos, Double Motor Boat, Durban Poison cured resin, Dutch Passion, First Class Funk, Forbidden Fruit, Gelato, GG live resin, Ghost Train Haze, Gorilla Glue, Granola Funk, Grape Ape, Gush*rs, Gushers cured resin, Jack Herer, Jet Fuel -Cured Resin, Joey's Dream, Jr. Mintz -Diamonds, Koffee Cake, Kosher Kush, Kush Mintz, Lava Cakes, Legend OG, Lemon Apricot, Lemon Cane, Lemon Meringue -Cured Resin, Lemon OG, Lemon skunk, Lemon Tree, Magic Melon, Malibu Mirage, Mango, Mendo Breath, Northern Wreck, Now N Later, OG Dutch Mistress, Orange Cookies, Papaya Punch, Peach OG, Peanut Butter Breath -Cured Resin, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pineberry, Platinum Jelly, Purple Punch, Purple Skunk Mass, Raspberry Diesel, Remedy, Runtz, Runtz cured resin, Samoas, Scooby Snax, Secret Formula -Cured Resin, Sensei Star Kush, SFV OG, SkyWalker OG, Snowland, Sour Bananas Sherbet, Sour Cookies, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Cough diamonds, Strawberry Guava, Sunset Sherbet, Sunset Sherbet -Cured Resin, Super Silver Haze, Supreme Ruckus live resin, Tahoe Cookies, Thin Mintz, Tiger Cake, Tropaya, Wedding Cake, Wedding Crasher, White Tahoe Cookies, White Widow, Zkittlez, Zurple


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